The reason why Canada is great is our freedom!

Freedom,the right to vote,the right to your religion,opportunity. There are so many things to why Canada is great! To most people us Canadians live in Igloos and ride Polar bear’s to school or work but no! We are so much more than that.

In Canada one thing we are very well known for is our freedom towards citizens. In Canada you also have the freedom of speech,thought and many other things which I think is very important, and I am thankful for where I live each and everyday. In Canada you have the right to express religion,sexual orientation, Individuality, and you also have access to education. Canada is a safe and very friendly welcoming country for those who are looking for a fresh start.

Canada is not only a nation of people, it’s also and incomparable feast of wilderness, mountains, lakes, rivers, forests and just about anything else to offer. Canada has the most beautiful scenery for the second largest country in the world. We also have access to three oceans.

Canada is also well known for our free health care. Canada has the finest physicians, Nurses’s, Technicians and support staff to make sure that patients are treated well. Canada has one of the world’s best health care systems. Canada is a country with high education achievement. Canada has the best educated people with the highest literacy rate in the world. Canada offers free primary and secondary education for students.

In Canada we have the right to marry whom ever we please. Canada has also legalized same sex marriage since 9 years ago before any other country, while they were still debating the issue. On July  20th is when gay marriage in Canada was legalized and were also the fourth country to do so.

Poutine is heaven on a platter. Oh how us Canadians love that great savoury taste of french fries,gravy and cheese curds all plastered together, oh how it tastes so good. The last thing i’m going to say why Canada is the greatest is our Tim Hortons! I’m pretty sure every Canadian before  work heads to Tim Hortons at like 8am to get there steeped tea, double milk, double sugar of course;) or their coffee. Don’t forget the way you end up going to Tim Hortons almost everyday so you can try and win roll up the rim to get a free donut or coffee.

That is overall why I think Canada is the greatest country a long with so many more other things I could list but i’ll end it here. I am very thankful to live in this beautiful l country and appreciate all the opportunities available to me like Miss Teenage Canada. 🙂


-Miss Teenage Sarnia, Alysha<3canadanature timhortons

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