Sorry this is so late but here it is the blog about my vacation!

On April 4th I headed off to the beautiful Island of St Lucia, Which included a 5 hour plane flight in first class. When we arrived to the very small airport we got off the plane, got our luggage and headed off with our driver to our hotel James Bay. The car ride was 2 hours and I nearly puked from car sickness (There is not a single straight road). When we arrived to our hotel we checked into our beautiful hotel room and then toured the place. The people were incredibly friendly and welcoming!

Our trip basically included meeting the locals who were so sweet and kind at the Castries local market,we also took a boat tour to Sulphur springs where we went into a beautiful garden,and then we were taken to a Sulphur mud bath. The mud bath was basically a huge jacuzzi then you get our cover yourself in mud from head to toe for 5 minutes until it ┬ádries, then you jump back into the mud jacuzzi. The Jacuzzi is natural heat from the volcanoes. The mud bath is very healthy for your skin. After that we headed to do some snorkelling and as much as I love fish I was terrified to get in the water since I already was close to getting stung by 7 Jellyfish the day before. Yes I finally did get in the water and got to see all the different beautiful fish and coral. We also took a trip to Pigeon island which is an island where the french fought, we got to see many of the buildings from the war, and we also climbed a huge mountain to a look out view and boy was I afraid. We also did some swimming alone the beach where I met the cutest local dog. I met a lot of cats and dogs who didn’t have homes and I was ready to take them all home! I actually brought one of the stray cats into our hotel room and played with him I really didn’t want to let him go. We named him James, after St James.

Back at the hotel we watched an amazing performance of different dances that were known in St Lucia it was incredibly entertaining and overall so amazing to watch. We had such an amazing stay but we had to leave. We packed up all of our things and headed to the Helicopter pad. Yes my dad decided to pay for a helicopter for a 15 minute ride to the airport and yes I was terrified, It was my first time ever being in a helicopter but it was worth it. We got to the airport got on a 6 hour plane ride home. And so that was how my trip went.

St Lucia was for sure a one in a life time experience I will for sure go back.

Love, Alysha-Miss Teenage Sarnia<3


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