On April 05th, 2015 our family  travelled to St Lucia. We took a plane there and arrived around 6pm. We stayed at the beautiful resort St James Club Morgans Bay. It was beautiful and the people were incredibly friendly and so welcoming. The weather was incredibly beautiful and rainy at the same time. I met some of the local people at the market in Castries, they were all so sweet and talented, I had to buy a few things;).

We took a boat tour to do a mud bath in the sulphur springs it was a very muddy and relaxing experience! We got to see a garden with the most beautiful plants and flowers and had a delicious meal. We also got to do some snorkelling and see tons of different fish, I was so close to getting stung by a jellyfish at least 5 times…

We also took a trip to Pigeon island where we got to see some of the buildings and structures from the war and they were ¬†incredibly cool. We did some snorkelling and I got to see some adorable island dogs and cats, I was ready to take them home but sadly couldn’t. We also did another tour which was horseback riding which I absolutely love, of course my mom has never rode a horse before and was terrified but I laughed oops haha! We rode along a trail and along the beach and got poured on, but overall it was such a fun experience.

Written by: Alysha
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