Today on  August 6th,2015 we woke up pretty early to get on the bus and head out. We were on the bus for about an hour before we reached our destination. Bowmanville Zoo surprised us with meeting and being with a baby tiger and lion. They were both so playful and cute! We each got to take turns seeing and petting both and I can honestly say I was so ready to take one home! After that we got about an hour to go around the Zoo to explore and of course I had to head straight to the Lions! As you will see on my blog I took a photo of me holding a stuffed lion in front of the lion cage. SToday I took that special photo in honour of Cecil the beloved lion who was killed by trophy hunters. I have been trying to get the word out to stop trophy hunting. Animals should not be killed or hurt In there natural habitats especially if they have done nothing wrong. I speak on behalf of Cecil in hopes that people will change there minds about trophy hunting. After all of that we just continued to look around to see the goats ,zebras, alpacas, and so on.

After an hour had passed we headed off for our next surprise which was lunch at the Eaton centre mall. We ate around 2:00 at a place called Rrichtree Taco truck. I ordered the three beef taco’s and they were incredible! They were so tasty and overall they were very organized and had different options for people and it was overall great. Also it didn’t take long at all for our food to be ready so I would for sure recommend it. Richtree’s new taco truck is serving up delicious tacos and burritos! So if you have not ate there before I would for sure try it out!

Next we went onto another mall which was Yorkdale mall and we got surprised with a 10$  gift card to wherever we wanted so we headed to Victoria Secret which I was super happy about! I ended up buying a grey sweater with angel on the back and wings for the zipper which I thought was super cute (im wearing it right now) and than I also got a orange top with Victoria Secret written on the front as well as a nice pink lip gloss which I also thought was super cute.

After a wonderful time at the mall we finally headed out for dinner and we also were surprised with a Medieval Times dinner where we actually had to use our hands to eat so it was messy but interesting. We got served all these different things such as corn, in replace of chicken I had vegetarian rice with beans, garlic bread, tomato soup and than a tarte for dessert the food tasted incredible and I left stuffed! We also got to watch a joust while we ate our food and as well cheered on the red team, but of course we lost. I even  ended up buying a cute little horseshoe and horse key chain for a souvenir.

After a long and tiring day I was so thankful for the time I had, I had the best time of my life and I am so incredibly lucky and thankful.

Goodnight-Miss Teenage Sarnia


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