Kjune 13th kids fest 1Hey there everyone! It’s Miss Teenage Sarnia here:) Sorry for the delay of blog posts had exams and school work to finish.

On June 13th, I was invited to help out with the annual Kids Fun Fest. The fun fest were for all ages. The event was free which was great! It had different booths with all the information about safety and health such as water safety,street safety,people safety. They had different clubs you can join such as Blue water gymnastics,Irish Dancing,Karate and many more that  were available for kids to get started in.

They had pony rides for the kids as well as train rides. I got to help with the train ride which was  a load of fun! The kids loved it, before every ride I had them cheer and make as much noise as they can to thank the train conductor. The kids were adorable the questions I was asked most was “Are you a Princess?” or “Do you live in a castle?” I think it was the most cutest thing Iv’e ever been asked. 

June 13th Kids fest 3Probably one of the best highlights of my day was riding in the train with all the dogs. We went around to pick them up and all the dogs got into each cart with their owners and we went for a train ride. The dogs were incredibly excited which was even cuter.

I sadly had to leave early to get dresses for the pageant but I thanked everyone for such a great time, and everyone was so kind I had an amazing time. That is just a short highlight on what my day was like at the 20th Annual Kids Fun Fest.

June 13th Kids fun fest 5Until Next time:)-Miss Teenage Sarnia


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