Hello there everyone,

So welcome to my blog where I will introduce myself and blog all my events that I will attend. So here we go, My name is Alysha, i’m 15 years old and your new Miss Teenage Sarnia 2015! Lets just say I am more then excited to take on this journey.

My first blog post I will be sharing 25 things about myself that you might all ready know or may not. So here we go:

1. I started dance at a very young age and I was very passionate about it and I still am. I take on the challanges of performing new dance routines and perform them on stage.

2. Not many people know this about me but my favourite holiday is Halloween. I have loved Halloween ever since I was young. The dressing up, the decorating,and the carving of pumpkins always gets me so excited! No matter what I would never miss a Halloween no matter what!

3. I absolutely love to travel! Whenever I get the oppurtunity i’ll take it. Iv’e travelled many places such as Italy,Quebec,Turks & Caicos, Martha’s Vineyard etc. I always love to travel and see the different places and history of them.

4. I love art, I am very passionate about art and express myself through drawings and paintings. Whenever I get the chance to draw I take it and express myself on paper, whether it’s outside in the summer or inside on a rainy day.

5. I have a huge passion about theatre. I have been doing theatre for 6 years now. I started doing plays when I was younger at school, and grew into doing bigger plays at our theatre here in Sarnia. I love to take on rolls of different characters and portray them on stage. I perform in front of hundreds of people and love every minute of it. I love going to the theatre, it’s like a second home to me.

6. I have a huge passion for animals if you may not already know. Animals have a huge impact on my life. I always love being around animals and one day would love to be a Vet Technician.

7. I absolutely love my family, there so supportive and always there for me through everything. They support me in everything I do. I have a brother who is 19 in University who I miss very much, we have our rough days but over all we love each other. Over all I love my family with all my heart and I am so thankful for them.

8. I am a very hyper energetic person, and very kind hearted.

9. I clean everything when i’m stressed!

10. I can memorize lyrics faster then my homework.

11. I have been through bullying almost my whole life and I have learned to believe that you have to be happy with yourself and not worry about what others are thinking of you because you will be so much happier.

12. When I was 2 years old I almost lost one of my kidneys, I was born with a double collector tube between my kidneys and my bladder and because of this I was constantly getting infections so I had an operation to join one of my tubes into the other tube so it wouldn’t back up anymore. I wasn’t allowed to leave the bed in the hospital for many weeks so they had to teach me how to walk again. I am a very thankful girl today.

13. Just last year I found out I was diagnosed with a learning disability, what I have learned from that is I just learn different from other people but it doesn’t make me any less then them, I just have to be taught a different way too understand.

14. I started at a public school and went too a Catholic high school and it has been such an amazing change to my life.

15. I have a strong passion for taking photos and doing photography. I recently just won and iPad for a photo contest. I get my photography skills from my dad and I’m thankful to have him by my side.

16. I am a really silly person and usually can’t sit still so teachers get really annoyed 😛

17. I have a huge obsession with makeup and like trying new styles.

18. SPIDERS! I hate spiders, if I see one I usually end up in tears. So If you see my crying on stage at nationals there must be a spider!;)

19. I love islands and warm places more then anything, Iv’e been going to warm places ever since I was a very young girl and love the thought of Palm trees and the Ocean waters. I love seeing all the different fish in the water and love walking along the beaches.

20. My dad calls me Pineapple princess because I have a huge obsession with anything pineapple scented or flavored.

21. My favorite animal is a Sea turtle I find them extremely beautiful.

22. Iv’e always wanted to try surfing!

23. I love flowers so much, they are so beautiful. My favorite flower is the Hibiscus flower

24. Iv’e always wanted to go to Hawaii:)

25. Miss Teenage Ontario was my very first pageant, and I can’t wait to continue my journey as I go onto Miss Teenage Canada in August!:)

There is 25  facts about me so I hope you learned some things about me. I will be posting on my blog as much as I can, during my time as Miss Teenage Sarnia and you can have a scoop on what goes on in my life during the year and the different events I will attend.

I hope all of you have a lovely day xo

Till the next time I post,

Thank you for everyones support, I love you all so much

-Alysha, Miss Teenage Sarnia

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