On June 10th,2015 I was invited abord the Duc, Orleans cruise for the Cat Chance fundraiser. Many were bordered along the cruise for a wonderful time! There was live music and delicious home made food as well as a raffle. I had a wonderful time going around getting my picture with people as well as going up to introduce my platform.

Ever since I was a little girl iv’e adored animals more then anything in the world, I always had a special bond with them. Animals have made an impact on my life. I personally suffer from depression and I always found animals were my happiness. iv’e always hated more then anything seeing animals hurt or if I see a lost dog I always found myself trying to find it a home. I believe every ┬ásingle animal deserves love. No animal deserves to be abused and forgotten about. That’s why I hope we can make a change to it and make a difference.

Cat Chance is an organization who’s goal is to create awareness about the importance of spay and neuter and to decrease the feral cat population through a volunteer based Trap Neuter Release Program. You can find Cat Chance on facebook where it will tell you all about the program and what they do to help.

I thank Cat Chance for inviting me along the cruise I had such a great time, so many incredibly sweet people and the music was great to sing a long to:)

See you later!-Miss Teenage Sarnia:)cruise june 10th 2 Duc Orleane cruise June 10th 1

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