The platform that I choose is Animal cruelty because ever since I was a little girl i’ve adored animals more then anything in the world, I always had a special bond with them. Animals have made a huge impact on my life. I personally suffer from depression and I always found animals were my happiness. I’ve always hated more then anything seeing animals hurt or if I see a lost dog I always found myself trying to find it a home. I believe every single animals deserves love. No animal deserves to be abused and forgotten about. That’s why I hope we can make a change to it and make a difference.

My platform means a lot to me because I communicate with animals so well it’s like I can feel what they feel. Animals have made a big difference in my life and always make me smile brighter and bigger. I’ve loved animals since the beginning, they have such unconditional love and are so amazing.

What I would do to promote my platform if I was Miss Teenage Canada is, I would create events and fundraise for shelters as well as get the word out across Canada by helping out animals and rescuing animals across Canada to get them the help they need. I as well will try and get the word out about instead of buying puppy mills you could adopt from the shelter that way the more animals that get adopted and get homes the more hurt and abandoned animals they could bring in to help and rehome. I would also be working closer with the Humane Society and would also like to be a Vet Tech when I am older.

There are so many animals and the population of animals that are hurt, abandoned and abused has increased a lot. And I think we need to reach out to them and be the voice for the voiceless, animals have no way to defend themselves and I think we need to be there voice and help them as much as we can.

-Miss Teenage Sarnia

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