My legal birthday is coming up!

I am so excited to turn 18, but there are also a lot of responsibilities that come with it. For example, dealing with insurance, service companies, personal finances, etc. And it is just coincidence that I am now also moving out to live at school dorms.  I don’t usually do much celebration for my birthday because my birthday is always the week before school exams and exam preparation always gets so crazy I could not care less about my birthday. It is the week everyone gets stressed out and cram study…including me. But this year I am making an exception. I am going to plan a birthday party…one week early!

The party will be a birthday and goodbye party, since I am also leaving my current school for the Ontario Science Centre Science School. I usually talk to my friends at school in the midst of travelling between classes or extracurriculars at lunch, so it will nice to finally get everyone together and chat. I will keep you guys updated with pictures later! As well as updates about Miss Teen Ontario-Wordl 2012!

Written by: Alice Li
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